Combine online and offline across all customer touchpoints into 360 degree view

For enterprises in the travel industry, a common characteristic is a plethora of online and offline data. A full customer view can only be formed if all the data from websites, apps, CRMs, online ads, and offline databases are linked together in a timely fashion. And our customer data platform (CDP) enables our customers to do just that – easily collect and unify data into a 360 degree customer view using an intuitive UI.

Uncover deep insights about customer conversion, customer journey, and marketing effectiveness

For the travel industry, marketing effectiveness and ROI is key to sustainable growth. Analyzing all of the metrics surrounding conversion, customer journey, customer segments, and marketing channels is crucial in increasing revenue and growth. NEXUS provides ready-to-use analytics models built for this use case.

Micromanage to the smallest details, know how to best serve customers at the individual level

We enable users to drill down to the most detailed level of customer insights, including data metrics, fields, and customer journey by individual customer. Insights can also be turned into action at the individual level.

Gain a competitive edge through augmented intelligence, powered by AI

Our enterprise AI module IQ can help users discover unexpected insights and valuable customer segments they might not have come across before, powered by AI and deep learning technology.

The power to easily turn insights into real-time action

Today’s consumer landscape is fast changing and competitive, with a multitude of offers and product at the consumer’s disposal across multiple channels. The ability to act fast is a must – with NEXUS, enterprises in the travel industry are able to leverage insights to deliver personalized messages and offers across multiple marketing channels and customer touchpoints.

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