Fuze your marketing,customer,and offline retail data into a 360 degree view.

Automotive brands have a diverse array of data sources, including online marketing channels, website, CRM and retail store, though often in practice most of this data doesn’t get captured. Even if they have, they have not been stitched together into unified customer profiles to power marketing and analytics. Our customer data platform (CDP) enables automotive brands to easily capture, unify, and activate their data across all data sources.

Custom analytics to provide you rich insights across all your customer touchpoints and marketing channels.

Run custom analytics models across your unified customer data to give you the metrics you need for your business. We empower business users to slice and dice their analytics parameters however they see fit, an unlimited number of times. We give marketers the freedom to explore their data.

Create 1-to-1 relationships with your customers, understand the customer journey down to the individual level

Creating 1-to-1 relationships requires a level of understanding of how to benefit both sides. In the case of customers, you need the data-driven tools to understand what drives them. Through NEXUS, automotive brands are able to drill down to individual-level customer journey and customer lifecycle insights.

Know what's on your customer's mind and their next steps, powered by AI

Predicting your customer’s next steps and staying one step ahead of the game can prove to be very valuable in various use cases, including personalization, product recommendation, and promotion. IQ’s machine learning and AI technology enables brands to predict tendencies of customers so that they can act in advance.

Turn insights into action through personalized customer experience and true data-driven marketing

Use data-driven insights to influence your customer’s decision making in real-time. NEXUS makes it easy for automotive brands to complete the process from data to insight to action within almost real-time. Our intelligent rule-based triggers enables brands to set automatic actions based one certain deterministic or AI-powered rules.

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