Next generation of customer data technology

The influx of the scale and variety of customer data, in combination with increasing number of marketing channels, devices, and customer touchpoints begs for a new type of platform – a robust big data analytics platform fuzed with a marketing activation platform that delivers the entire data to action value chain. We introduce NEXUS, a new breed of customer data technology that starts from data collection and processing of large datasets, to running advanced analytics and turning insight into marketing activation.

Robust data collection, processing, and unification capabilities built-in

We give users with no technical expertise the tools necessary to collect or ingest data based on the customer touchpoint or data source. We give marketing teams the ability to track custom defined user events with not a single line of code necessary. After data has been ingested, through our intuitive interface users can connect and disconnect commonalities between disparate datasets through our MasterTable technology.

Easily configurable advanced analytics at your fingertips

Our analytics models are built for extracting advanced and detailed customer insights. Users are able to choose analytics models by use case and run unlimited number of jobs per analytics model. We enable marketing and business teams to be comfortable with the data to the extent that they can start to “play” with it.

Unleash the power of predictive AI with IQ

IQ, our predictive AI module, built with a hybrid of open source and proprietary machine learning and deep learning frameworks, is an out of box solution that can be used by business and analyst teams with minimal training. Results of IQ predictive models can be easily actionable by creating new actionable customer segments and NEXUS’s marketing activation module.

Maximize the value of our data by allowing intelligent real-time action

The ability to turn insights into action is crucial for maximizing value of the insights. At the same time, maximum efficacy can only be achieved when actions are taken in a timely manner, preferable real-time. NEXUS allows enterprises to flexibly activate data in real-time to marketing channels, personalization APIs, call-centers, and CRMs.

Completely open platform with a multitude of existing integrations

One core principle of NEXUS is that it’s a completely open platform with a myriad of existing integrations both on the data source side as well as data activation side, with a completely open data layer via API or SQL terminal. This gives enterprises to maximize the number of customer data use cases and consequently value.