Robust ready-to-use predictive AI and machine learning capabilities at your fingertips

Not many solutions allow enterprises to leverage the power of machine learning and AI in a way that is fast, easy, and with immediate tangible value. With IQ, we have built an entire productized machine learning library off of both open source and proprietary technology, tailor-made for the use case of customer intelligence. With a click of a button, IQ enables business users to quickly discover new valuable insights.

Easily extract insight and value to use in marketing, personalization, and customer experience optimization

IQ is built to be actionable – it is seamlessly integrated with the suite of capabilities offered by NEXUS so that the user can easily activate insights into flexible use cases. Results from IQ can be easily used within the NEXUS platform to add value for multiple roles and teams.

Rapid experimentation with AI models

IQ allows users full freedom and control to experiment and “play” with the machine learning models, and run virtually unlimited algorithms. We believe in giving the maximum amount of control to the user enables the predictive insight process to be more transparent, instead of being a black box.

Uncover valuable customer segments using predictive AI technology

Uncovering customer segments that may be of interest is a valuable tool to have to a number of customer-facing use cases. Particular machine learning models within IQ delivers the result in terms of clusters or classification, and allows the user to create new segments based on these results.

Tools for business users and technology users

IQ is designed for predictive AI to be easy as possible for marketers, yet technology users have the freedom to maneuver with the data in any way that they’d like. Through our developer tools, such as NEXUS SQL terminal and our open API, developers are open to unlimited possibilities of what can be possible with IQ.