Connect all of your customer data across all touchpoints to get a unified customer profile

Retail is becoming increasing competitive and complex with various new touchpoints, channels, and business models emerging. Our enterprise customer data platform (CDP) helps retail marketers to maintain a competitive edge by providing technology to enable data capture across all customer touchpoints and data sources and easily unify customer data into 360 degree profiles.

Understand the full customer journey both online and offline

For retail, understanding customer behavior online is crucial, and understanding the offline customer journey is equally as important. Understanding the journey of a customer across both channels can have even greater value. NEXUS ingests data from all touchpoints and analyzes online and offline behavior together, using flexible analytics models.

Advanced customer segmentation enables the most specific of insights and optimized personalization

For enterprises in the retail space, there may be a large number of customer preferences as well as product categories. In cases as such, advanced segmentation as well as AI-powered segmentation has significant value. NEXUS has robust customer segmentation functionality built-in and enables unlimited number of custom segments.

Uncover hidden customer insights hidden from the human eye, be one step ahead of the competition

Especially in online retail, split-second decisions are often made due to various factors including preference, impulse, product, and promotion. IQ powers marketers to obtain AI-powered predictive insights to identify insights and strategies that can maximize revenue.

Intelligent marketing and personalization in real-time

The ability to only obtain insights is not enough – there needs to be action upon that insight to realize the most value. NEXUS enables marketers to flexibly turn insights into various types of action across various different channels, including but not limited to push notifications, email, display advertising, personalization API, call-center, or enrich CRM insights.

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