Customer 360 for increased customer satisfaction and success

Only by obtaining a 360 degree data-level view of the customer can you micromanage and personalize to optimize customer satisfaction and success levels. Through our unified customer data platform, customer operations and support teams are able to work together to deliver the best customer experience across different phases of the customer lifecycle.

Understand the entire customer lifecycle

Getting a clear view of the customer lifecycle and journey, and the ability to explore it from multiple angles is crucial in understanding how to provide better customer service and support along this journey. NEXUS has the tools to help teams discover how to optimize the conversion funnel and customer lifetime value.

Drill down to the smallest of details

A fully data-driven approach requires scrutiny to even the smallest details. Our customer data platform has functionality built-in enabling enterprises to zoom in closely – whether it’s at the event, customer segment, conversion funnel, or marketing attribution level.

Deep-dive into an exploration of the customer journey

Our customer journey exploration functionality enables the user to almost “play” with it. It enables the user to deep dive into particular customer journey paths for different customer segments. Questions such as “if the user did not do this, what’s the second most likely path” type questions can be asked.