Finally, a robust data platform built for
intelligent marketing and personalization

The problem faced by marketers in the past was the inability to deliver truly data-driven marketing in real-time. This is because connecting all of data across different customer touchpoints and data sources was a slow, costly, and manual task. Our customer data platform solves this problem through effortless robust data collection and processing across all data sources, analytics, and activation in real-time.

Ability to generate custom insights at the click of a button

Our technology enables marketers to get the customer insights they need fast and easy. Run custom analytics models depending on use case and out comes actionable ready-to-use insights. We provide users the flexibility to play around and explore different ideas until they find something that turns on a light bulb.

Go deeper with turnkey machine learning and AI

Sometimes when the goal is to obtain that extra layer of insight not easily discoverable through non-predictive analytics, AI and machine learning is the way to go. Through IQ, we provide our business users productized, easy-to-use enterprise AI models that deliver relevant and actionable insights.

Turn insights into real-time action

The ability to only obtain insights is not enough – there needs to be action upon that insight to realize the most value. NEXUS enables marketers to flexibly turn insights into various types of action across various different channels, including but not limited to push notifications, email, display advertising, personalization API, call-center, or enrich CRM insights.