Omni-source data for omni-channel marketing.

Imagine having the freedom to integrate marketing and customer data across multiple sources and all customer touchpoints with a point and click, it enables marketing teams to be truly data-driven and agile in designing marketing strategies. We help marketers make that dream come true by providing a unique out of box solution.

Take control over customer and marketing data with minimal assistance from IT

We empower marketing teams to move fast and automate tasks such as new data source connection, and user event definition with an intuitive user interface that often require little to no assistance from IT. Marketers are able to setup tracking, launch a new campaign, and gain real time insights on the fly.

Deep predictive marketing insights driven by AI

IQ, our predictive AI module that is seamlessly integrated into NEXUS, our enterprise customer data platform, enables marketers to use productized machine learning models to predict campaign performance and customer behavior.

Seamless collaboration with other teams, on the same data layer

The beauty of our CDP solution is that it fuels multiple customer facing teams with a unified layer of data that each can draw its own insights and value from. How NEXUS is built is that it enables seamless collaboration across multiple different roles.