Obtain a clear overview of customer intelligence

The problem with generalized business intelligence solutions is that it does not have advanced analytics suited for the more specific use cases such as customer intelligence. With NEXUS dashboard, business leaders are able to customize KPIs, metrics, and results of customers analytics models into one clear picture, tailor-built for understanding your customers better.

Easily view key metrics important to your business via customizable dashboard

With our mini-dashboard creation tool, users can with a combination of clicks and drag-and-drop and create new panels displaying a new metric or analytics result. Users can also manage and organize multiple dashboards for different use cases.

Explore what drives customer behavior and action, create new strategies

Many enterprise’s scale of data is big enough to see certain patterns and trends over time that represent opportunities for major optimization. NEXUS and IQ not only provides execution-level insights, but also big picture-level insights through both our standard analytics model as well as AI-driven models.