Spend less time and resources on customer data collection and integration, spend more time on key IT operations

Why re-invent the wheel when there’s an existing robust customer data collection and integration infrastructure? Save time and resources on building the plumbing for customer data and allow APEX Technologies’s customer data technology stack to do the job.

Eliminate the need to worry about customer data analytics infrastructure

There are many IT teams that still write custom code for customer analytics initiatives. With APEX Technologies’s customer data platform solution, marketing teams can run a suite of analytics models themselves, and for special cases, IT can still run queries through our API or built-in SQL terminal.

Complete control over your own data, developer tools at your own disposal

While being a robust turnkey solution, we allow IT teams to access any and all of the data using either our NEXUS API or visual SQL terminal within NEXUS. We can also stream live event-level data in real-time into a S3 bucket.