Connect all of your online and offline customer data into one place.

Financial services providers often have massive datasets from their website, applications, and offline retail. These data are often from the same group of customers and users but their data is silo-ed off by customer touchpoint. APEX Technologies provides financial services providers the tools to easily collect all of this online and offline data and connect them to unified customer profiles, an index that we call MasterTable.

Extract deep custom customer insights around customer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty.

We enable financial service providers to extract custom insights from the entire customer lifecycle, from engagement to conversion to retention. Business users are able to use a variety of analytics models including event analytics, customer journey analytics, funnel analytics, and attribution.

Act upon data-driven insights in real-time

Sometimes opportunities to change a customer’s mind or experience can only be changed within a split second. We empower enterprises to have the ability to create data-driven actions with ease, across various different marketing channels and touchpoints.

Use leading predictive AI technology to discover what’s on your customer’s mind before it happens.

Having the tools to create intelligent hypotheses and predictive insights regarding your customer base is a game changer in a competitive landscape. Leverage IQ’s AI and proprietary deep learning library to deliver deep actionable insights that works seamlessly with NEXUS’s other capabilities.

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