Understand the customer journey and experience to the most detailed level

The customer journey typically is a relatively opaque process with a lot of guesswork and assumptions. Through our enterprise customer data platform (CDP) we can bring clarity to the customer journey by first integrating all the data points across all customer touchpoints (both online and offline) into a unified view of the customer journey at the individual and customer segment level.

Data-driven insights to optimize the entire customer lifecycle

Often when there is one bottleneck area within the customer lifecycle, it disturbs the entire customer lifetime value. Without a robust analytics engine to uncover problems, enterprises are mostly left in the dark. NEXUS helps enterprises take the guesswork out of optimizing customer lifecycle and tackle it with a clear, analytical, and scientific approach.

And array of analytics models to choose from depending on use case

Every business has its unique characteristics and nuances and shouldn’t be confined to fixed analytical models. We give our business users array of analytics models to choose from and customize to fit their needs.

Uncover deep insights through ready-to-use machine learning and AI

Our enterprise AI module, IQ, will help you uncover deep and useful insights that are often hard to discover. IQ is ready-to-use and has an array of machine learning models to choose from depending on purpose and use case.