Freedom to maneuver with your customer data to drive the most value

Our customer data platform (CDP) is built specifically to solve the data problem around customer and marketing analytics, and provides business users plug-and-play data to insight capability. Freedom integrate new data sources, and to explore analytics models and getting actionable and valuable insights in real-time is a game changer for marketing and customer BI teams.

Customizable dashboards and customer intelligence

Create custom dashboards easily on the fly. Create dashboards based on an existing analytical model or based on an existing metric extracted from data. Advanced permission controls available, enabling administrators to setup data, dashboard, and read/write permissions for different users.

Ready-to-use predictive analytics and AI library

IQ has an extensive, ready-to-use machine learning and predictive analytics library for business users to use, with various use cases including customer lifetime value, churn prediction, clustering, natural language processing (NLP), neural networks, and many more.