Next generation consumer data and value exchange, powered by blockchain technology

The consumer data ecosystem and B2C engagement method is currently largely inefficient and broken. DataX is disruptive infrastructure to power information and value exchange between consumers and brands across the entire lifecycle, from awareness, to engagement, to loyalty. DataX does this in a decentralized, 1-to-1 manner in which value is conserved passed on both to consumer and brand instead of being expended through a middleman network.

1-to-1 consent protocol between consumers and brands for driving rich interactions and value

One core principle underlying the DataX platform is the 1-to-1 consent protocol, which implies trust, transparency, and mutual agreement. Instead of “solicitations”, the platform facilitates mutual discovery that lead to a series of further interactions. Value is passed onto the consumer through rewards and cash prizes, and passed back to the brand in the form of new customer acquisition and increased loyalty.

Seamless integration with APEX NEXUS for the enterprise for advanced analytics, machine learning, and marketing activation

For the enterprise, DataX is not only a data and interactions exchange, but a module connected to a full enterprise technology suite, easily adding value to the data acquired and interactions facilitated. For brands, our full platform is a blockchain and AI powered enterprise technology suite.

Open ecosystem of brands, consumers, and app partners with a common protocol to exchange value

DataX is an open ecosystem with 3 main groups of participants – brands, consumers, and app partners. App partners add value in the process by adding as both a ecosystem scaling mechanism, channel, as well as enterprise participant. These 3 parties will use a common token of value to form mutually beneficial relationships.